Bejeweled Advocate is a website that would like to raise questions and issues concerning the jewelry trade. All too often, the only two main aspects covered concern the ostentatiousness of luxury or the ethics of “blood diamonds”. However, topics such as art, culture, rarity, respect, or judicial aspects such as plagiarism, or concerns linked to heritage, religion, trade or politics are only too often neglected. Jewelry is, at least for me, one of the most complex, rich and diverse trades, but also an art and a business that can actually breach out and relate to all aspects of our society. I’d like to offer a website as complete and as divers as this art and hope that you will join in as a response.

The blog has three main sections in which the articles are divided in:

Brain Teaser is a category dedicated to articles on jewelry set out to be rambunctious. Like any advocate, the idea is to plead a cause that at times goes by either unheard of, or unfairly, or even at times to plead like a devils advocate in order to think out of the box.

Current Affairs relates links to articles, news reports, events, groups, anything relating to the art of the jewelry trade, and that hopefully has a little something controversial about it.

The Chicken? Or the Egg? fun and games about visual comparisons between jewelry models. Who designed what first and can you differ the style between the two?

After, you can check out the Discussion Forum section, where others, like yourself, can initiate topics, debates or draw our attention to other websites or events.

Thank you in advance for your time and contributions. – the Bejeweled Advocate


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