Hemmerle’s “Delicious Jewels”


The House of Hemmerle, exhalts a family tradition of 117 years. Habitually, designing one-of-a-kind pieces or extremely limited series, this book is the first to reunite a collection. The closest that this came to be was the mushroom collection in 2006. However the House of Hemmerle has never been able to keep the jewels away long enough, due to popular demand, to reunite the mushrooms in order to present them as a collection. This jeweled vegetable garden, consisting of eleven broches and a pair of earrings, is a fine performance of hyper-realism and an audacious combination of precious and non precious materials. The mix of copper, iron, silver and gold with various color patinas and exquisite gem stones result in a precious sculpture’s approach, imitating nature’s realism.

Another interesting approach to the presentation of this collection is it’s “mise-en-scène”; inviting the chef cook Tamasin Day-Lewis to take the hyper-realism of these jewels another step, and combining in this book the excellence of culinary photography and cooking recipes to present the collection.



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