Laurence Graff, The King of Diamonds

November 25th 2010, merely a few days after Graff acquires the finest pink diamond at auction for 46 million USD, he proudly announces the acquisition of another two diamonds, one of 196cts and the other of 184cts, both rough and seal-bid for 23 million USD. Both were recovered from the Letseng mine in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, reputed for having brought to light three of the world’s top 20 diamonds. This is Graff’s fifth significant purchase from this mine in recent years, making him one of the most considerate investors in African mining. His Lesotho acquisitions include the 603 carat ‘Lesotho Promise’, the 493 carat ‘Letseng Legacy’ and the 478 carat ‘Light of Letseng’, which was then polished to reveal the Graff Constellation, the world’s first round, brilliant, flawless diamond to exceed 100 carats. As he describes it; “‘A breathtaking stone, the definition of rarity.  Perfect in shape, colour and clarity with unparalleled brilliance.  When you look into the Graff Constellation you see all the stars in the sky.  I am proud to present this truly magnificent diamond'”.

It generally takes approximately one year in order to study a rough diamond of such importance and to determine how and how many will result from this study. As it was the case for the Letseng Legacy rough, there are yet many new challenges yet to be met in a lifetime, even as well accomplished as Laurence Graff’s.


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