Gone Up In A Golden Smoke

De la Fée is a swiss company who has a very seducing concept for this season’s greetings. What sort of courteous gift could you possibly present your host with, that doesn’t come across as your mundane bouquet of ephemeral flowers, the typical bottle of champagne, or box of chocolates?


They have reviewed their classics and offer the best with and added notion of ephemeral luxury. Gold dusted chocolates from the Equator for sensuality, a heart shaped strawberry lollypop sprinkled in gold for a more provocative gift, gold particle bubbly for a more festive approach, gold leaf covered cigar based on the Churchill model to celebrate success, or the ‘golden harmony’ jasmine flower tea, delicately painted in gold that blossoms in the contact of warm water for a peaceful afternoon conversation. 


The golden touch does render these habitual gifts more alluring, even more precious. But perhaps today, in a consumer society where we are lesser inclined to believe in the durability of things, we are turning ourselves to a universe based on emotions and volatile sensations; perhaps a sort of ode to fragile beauty? Or is it that our values are so versatile and influenced by the notion of style that they have gone up in smoke?


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