Verney Joailliers – A Medley of Diamonds

Verney, one of Paris’s reputable Place Vendome jewelers, published a charming book, presenting a selection of jewelry designs that have strongly been of influence since the 1980s.

Verney’s founder, Michel Ermelin, designed  jewelry pieces as if they were a prolongation in the spirit of the works of René Boivin and Suzanne Belperron, he perpetuated a style yet refined it along the way turning into what today the French consider “joaillerie classique”. A remarkable status to obtain in one’s life time… His greatest accomplishment was perhaps to master the notion of  the late twentieth century trends, which completely altered lifestyle, social roles, etc. from the more classical references we have had in jewelry design, and invented a new style of jewelry more appropriate to the late 20th century way of life. He was the one to have introduced the notion of “Black Gold” on jewelry as a stylistic statement, as can be seen on his vintage Triade ring and which he still uses in his present day design work.

Today, Verney is situated at No 24 of the Place Vendôme, where he continues to design pieces under the brand name “Verney Evolution”. The new name suggests everything that one would hope for, an evolution of what has already been corner a classic design. For example, another signature ring from the 80s is his “Strong-Box Ring” where a game of  hidden luxury takes place as a catch system pivots a 2.82ct center stone diamond, so as to appear or disappear into the ring itself. A more recent version of this idea is his “Mystery Ring” at first seemingly a simply large rounded cocktail ring in black gold with grey diamonds, opens up in several  parts to reveal a vibrant sun-like motif in yellow gold with yellow diamonds.

For those that have not yet had the privilege to discover this jeweler, or for the many who have, it is a pleasure to finally have a publication on Verney and the pieces that so influenced Parisian jewelry design in the 1980s. The book itself has a very nostalgic air in it’s presentation as each photo is separately printed and superimposed on the grey aquarelle-like paper jewelry designers from Paris traditionally paint on. The edition is further render more precious in being limited to 2900 copies.

2 Responses to “Verney Joailliers – A Medley of Diamonds”
  1. Jenifer says:

    Verney’s jewels are sold in US? Thank you.

    • Dear Jenifer,

      I am certain that you can find some Verney jewelery at auction in establishments such as Christie’s or Sotheby’s. Although luck is a key factor.
      Verney today still has an office in Paris. Perhaps you could try contacting him directly? 😀

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