There’s a “Leek”… Jar vs Lorenz Baumer

When jewelry is not defined as “design” work, when it isn’t created with the constraint of a particular purpose or effect, either mechanical, ergonomic or due to fabrication costs and marketing; it must be art. This form of art is certainly not the most accessible one to express oneself with… the initial cost of gold and precious stones already restricts who and to what extent you can create, never mind the costs of the craftsmanship which is only known and truly mastered by a few after many years of experience. The audacity and financing it takes to be a true artist in this trade is rare and difficult, especially if there isn’t a client commissioning the art work as a special order. Lorenz Baumer states in his book, “My Own Dictionary”, “… the driving force for the total artist: [is] passion. Passion is essential. Without it, nothing is possible; one does not have the courage to learn, or the courage to dare.”

The problem with estate jewelry as art, is that though it reaches prices as high as any painting from an old master, it is less public even if today pieces are shown in galleries and museums. There is the public apprehention that is it ostentatious and pretentious… therefor many aspects of this art do not retain the same sort of attention when it comes to plagiarism. Why should it? These pieces are usually one-of-a-kind and belong to privates, who only wear these on particular occasions. But what of the validity of the notion of a true artist?

Lorenz Baumer succinctly admitted to the press that he was an admirer of JAR. To the point where there seems to be a “leek” in his concept of what it is to be a true artist. It seems to be easier to dare to create a piece if you already have painted canvas in front of you…



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