M6 News reports Chopard vs Mauboussin


Chopard and Mauboussin on M6

The french TV news report show; M6, covers various aspects of the luxury business and contrasts two major jewelry nationals; Chopard and Mauboussin.

Chopard is presented under the light of a second generation family business who works in the constraints of one of a kind estate jewelry, aspiring to the world’s greatest fortunes. They also give you an insight on their various marketing techniques, especially during the Cannes film festival. Their exuberance, creativity and the rarity of the stones used is almost depicted as obnoxious in a time where a great economic recession has put most of the world on standby. Mauboussin, on the other hand, who once aspired to the same sort of prestige, has today completely restructured in order to sell mass produced jewelry pieces, made either in China or Vietnam, conceived only to fit into a “budget” retail price. The underlaying issue is; for as much as jewelry is perhaps one of the most wonderful and precious of women’s accessories, should these pieces be conceived strictly from this point of view? Coming from a once prestigious family owned estate and traditionally French hand crafted, they are commercializing jewelry making people think they are buying estate jewelry because it is sold Place Vendome, even though the jewelry is compromised in terms of weight in gold and in the quality of the gems stones, advertised on public transport and now even made in China.

Follow the link to watch the show and post your thoughts;




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